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West London Equality Centre / Community Advice Programme (the operational name of Ealing Equality Council) is a Human Rights organisation - our mission statement is “Advancing equality and rights for all”, and we are specialists in matters related to the Equality Act 2010 and deliver services for the minority ethnic, refugee and migrant communities in West London.

WLEC has Human Rights expertise at every level of the organisation from governance to frontline delivery and shaping local and subregional policy. This makes WLEC unique to West London. This is as a result of:

  • WLEC’s relationship for over 23 years with the University of West London [UWL], its law department, law tutors and law students, it has found itself at the forefront of the equality and human rights agenda. For several years WLEC has been strategically positioned as the Equality and Human Rights champion for this part of London.
  • The Management Committee being composed of Human Rights specialists /academics /practitioners – and our volunteers draw from the social sciences and legal disciplines, familiar with human rights, both international and domestic.
  • Trustees include a wide range of distinguished and experienced legal practitioners including Karen Monaghan QC, Judge Bernard Andonian and others.
  • WLEC staff and trustees have advised EHRC on human rights issues and advised Southall Black Sisters in their case against Ealing Council when the local authority threatened to decommission a separate domestic violence service for BMER women.
  • Using Human Rights and other law approaches in Hate Crime support services in Hounslow (funded by Hounslow Council) and West London (funded by London Mayors Office). The Hounslow service was cited as a model of good practice by the Deputy Mayor of London and lead on Hate Crime in the capital. We are also members of the pan-London MOPAC Hate Crime delivery group for thirty two municipalities.
  • SMART: Funded by the EU, a partnership with Ealing Council and Italian VCSE partners delivering a migrant assisted returns services, based on ‘outhouse/shed’ housing abuses and other issues uncovered by LBE, the Police and WLEC. WLEC delivers help and advice to mainly vulnerable people in matters related to undocumented migrants, homeless families not entitled to public funds, trafficking, forced labour, immigration advice, etc, using Human Rights and other law to achieve better outcomes.
  • In our generalist and specialist advice, advocacy and casework service (provided for over 20 years in Ealing), high calibre law graduates and undergraduates who have studied Human Rights as part of their legal training. In partnership with the Community Advice Programme we service annually over 16,000 Ealing enquiries consisting of telephone triage, face-to-face triage for drop in clients without phones, internet, etc, face-to-face appointment advice clinics, casework, referrals, and signposting.
  • In addition to generalist advice WLEC’s service covers Domestic Violence, Honour Crimes, Hate Crimes, Human Trafficking, Caste discrimination and other areas relating to equality.
  • The quality of our service is reflected in our high calibre 120+ pro bono volunteers, who include: Queens Counsels, Judges, Magistrates, Solicitors, Barristers and local law students and our quality assured volunteering programmes.


Villiers House University of West London
Haven Green, London W5 2NU, United Kingdom

Tel. +44 20 8231 2575