The "Easy Book on the EU" is one of the planned outputs of the Have Your Say project. It will be a teaching aid with information on the European Union, its aims and inner workings, written in accessible style (i.e. usable for people with less than optimal command of the language), in all languages of the countries participating in the project.

One aim of the HYS project is to create a teaching aid on the EU that is easy-enough-to-read for people with limited command of the language (approximately level A2-B1). Here is a collection of already existing similar products which we use as a point to start.  

This is a (growing) collection of books, brochures and websites presenting the idea, history, and inner workings of the European Union as an assembly of nation states who that way try to homogenize their policies and legislation. Materials collected here are meant for the "normal" or "academic" reader; they are not meant for the reader in need of explicitly simple forms of expression.

Here we collect ressources on the topic of accessible writing in variuos languages used in Europe.By "accessible writing" we mean forms of expression with reduced complexity, created especially for people with lower-than-full command of the language, especially in terms of reading.

Here you find a list of rules to follow for producing texts in the Easy-to-read variety of expression in English.

Below we list "Eleven Rules for Simple language" as published by Domingo de Oliveira, an accessibility consultant based in Bonn, Germany. He published this as a short practical guideline for the concept of Einfache Sprache [Simple Language], a form of expression approximately equivalent to language levels A2-B1.