The Asteroid Alarm Escape game developed by VHS Hannover as part of the Have Your Say project was played by 150 10th graders of Hannover's Sophiengymnasium secondary school in January 2023. This was part of the school's "Europe" week.

The Asteroid Alarm game was used as a playful and engaging starter into getting acquainted with the European Union as as political structure to care for the common interest of people in Europe.

Staff members and freelance teachers of VHS Hannover set up the game in a suite of classrooms of Sophiengymnasium and run the game in 5 consecutives days 15 times, thus giving 150 16 year olds to get acquainted with the institutional structure of the EU and its decision making. 

The gaming week started on 12th of January (Tuesday, after Monday 11th had been used to prepare the rooms), and ended on 18th of January, with the last of five classes playing the game. Classes consisting of approximately 30 students each were split into three groups of 10 for the game.

The action was praised by the school's teachers of Politics: "This game is really engaging. Hardly anywhere we as Politics teachers can see students in our classes be so involved, and celebrate when they finish the task. We see this, if every, only in Sports classes."

The secondary school expressed strong interest in repeating the "Europe week" together with VHS Hannover's Asteroid Alarm game in the next year and following.