A board game to lead groups into discussions about the plus and minus of the European Union

Generatione Europa (Generation Europe) was developed by CEFAL (member of Consorzio OPEN), an educational institution in Bologna, Italy, as a board game, with a cardboard playing board, and all the uther typical utensils such as playing cards with advice, other cards with unexpected events, figures to move and dice. The game is sort of quiz, but it does not focus on testing who knows most. Rather the various tasks are desigend in a way to lead players into discussion about various EU-related topics, not least their own experience. The game has a game master, and participants split in two groups to compete with each other.

Online escape game to try and save the EU from total dissolution

Reddä EU! (Save the European Union!) is an online escape game developed by Folkuniversitetet Uppsala as part of the Have Your Say project. The game presents an apocalyptic scenario where the EU is at the brink of ruin, and the task of the player is to save it. This can be achieved by finding out a number of details on the EU - details that are hidden in the various tasks and riddles of the game. A good player can reach the goal in about 45 minutes up to an hour.

An escape room about the future of the European Union

The Brexit debate in the UK since 2016 has made it clear: many citizens in the EU are poorly informed about what the EU is, what it does and how decisions are made in the EU. Distrust in the idea of international cooperation and recourse to nationalist doctrines are growing in many of the 28 EU member states, and populism has become a problem everywhere.

The team of Europahaus Aurich tried to tackle this by developing an escape game around the question "stay or leave"?

Guessing game to get familiar with institutions and services in the EU

In this game no one loses, everyone wins. Players learn to appreciate membership of the European Union, its values, its culture, its advantages and its benefits.

Asteroid Alarm is an Escape Room to make learning about the EU and its institutions an exciting group activity.

Experience the complicated path a bill has to take in order to become a law in the EU

The EU Law Game is is a role-playing game that gives players insight into the network of decision making institutions in the EU: European Parliament, Commission, Council of the European Union... It does so in a recreational way. Players experience the path a legal bill has to take in order to become a law in the EU. While taking on different roles they discuss new bills, define priorities, and try to bring the bills through all the institutions and steps of legislation so that the law can finally step into force.

A time machine taking us back to the day before the UK’s Brexit referendum

Our partners in the UK created a virtual escape room that makes players think again through the arguments pro and contra the EU which had stirred up so many emotions a couple of years ago in their country. The game can be played as a self-learning activity, or it can be played in teams, either in a classroom, or with learners connected via video conference.

Build a wood tower and learn about the structure, functioning and values of the EU.

Young people and adults alike are often embarrassed when asked about the EU. But a large game of Jenga ­­– a tower of wood blocks to be built and re-arranged – is a game that everyone loves to play. The game we have developed is a combination of a wood block tower and a card-based quiz, where the EU is at the heart of the issues. We tested this game as a fun way of learning with young adults and seniors as well.

Developed by Nevelök Háza Egyesület, Pécs, Hungary