A time machine taking us back to the day before the UK’s Brexit referendum

Our partners in the UK created a virtual escape room that makes players think again through the arguments pro and contra the EU which had stirred up so many emotions a couple of years ago in their country. The game can be played as a self-learning activity, or it can be played in teams, either in a classroom, or with learners connected via video conference.

One of the tasks: a crossword. One of the tasks: a crosswords.

Due to the uncertainty that has manifested during and as a result of the Brexit campaign, an overwhelming and primary critique towards the ‘leavers‘, that is those individuals that wished to leave the EU, the WLEC designed a retrospective virtual time travelling experience whereby participants would have the opportunity to vote leave or remain in respect of Brexit.

The learner would experience a journey of acquiring information and knowledge pertaining to the subject and using that objective information to draw a final conclusion as to whether voting for Bexit would ultimately be beneficial.

The concept of hindsight is of course a huge factor in regards to the virtual learning experience whereby learners participating are not necessarily coming from a unbiased or neutral position. Therefore the escape room emphasises factual information rather than information that is intertwined with opinion.