The EU institutions poster is a teaching aid developed as part of our HYS project aiming at helping learners and educators to get a quicker grip on how the EU works from the institutions perspective.

EU institutions poster EN v03


The poster is available in several languages.

It is also included in the "Easy book on the EU".

The poster can be used in various learning environments, for example in the classroom. VHS Hannover (Germany) uses it also as part of the props of their Escape Room "Asteroid Alarm" for learning about the EU which was developed as part of the HYS project.

Download the poster

File size is 15-30 MB each. The poster is suitable for large scale printing/plotting (paper size A1 or similar). 

Full package (1 page pdf):

7 Posters (7 languages)

Posters in individual languages:

  Poster Poster split into 9 pages A4
English EN  (1 page) EN on 9 pages (print and glue)
German DE (1 page) DE on 9 pages (print and glue)
Italian IT (1 page) IT on 9 pages (print and glue)
Hungarian HU (1 page) HU on 9 pages (print and glue)
Spanish ES (1 page) ES on 9 pages (print and glue)
Swedish SE (1 page) SE on 9 pages (print and glue)
French FR (1 page) FR on 9 pages (print and glue)


Technical instructions

The 1 page Pdf can be used for printing the poster on a plotter (a printer for large paper). Some educational institutions have one. Or the Pdf can be given to a professional print shop.

The "9 pages A4" Pdf can be printed on an ordinary office printer (paper size A4). The 9 pages must then be cut and glued. For cutting use a knife and a metal ruler. Remove two of the four side strips so that you can glue the sheets seamlessly. There are cut marks on the paper.