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Stephansstift ZEB is an adult education center under the roof of Stephansstift Foundation which again is part of the umbrella organization Dachstiftung Diakonie with around 3500 employees.

Stephansstift foundation has a long history in social work and social inclusion. It has youth and family welfare activities, childrens’ daycare centres, special needs schools, an adult education centre with boarding home, vocational schools, and several residential and care homes for the elderly.

As part of the clerical and social welfare (Diakonie) Stephansstift ZEB (Centre for Adult Education) is a provider for general adult education and professional education for the social sector in Hannover, Germany. It follows the concept of Grundtvig as a ‚Heimvolkshochschule‘, which implies the concept of informal learning and living under one and the same roof and thus bringing together different people. As residential school it employs around 50 people: pedagogues, administration, reception, kitchen and housekeeping staff.

Around 20.000 participants per year come to a big variety of non-formal courses or to continuing education and training, mainly in the field of guidance, social services/social work and Diakonie for people in need. A big number of participants are volunteers and multipliers as well as professional social workers and educators working with volunteers and disadvantaged persons for social integration and employability.

Stephansstift Foundation focusses on helping vulnerable groups, rehabilitation and integration into society.

Since 2015 Stephansstift ZEB (Centre for Adult Education) puts a focus on migration and refugees and offers German courses for refugees and also courses for volunteers and professionals that work with refugees and migrants with topics of how to teach German and intercultural competence.