In MobileBE, eight adult education organisations from seven European countries develop new learning opportunities for people in need of basic education, especially people who are in particularly demanding situations in terms of employment, family, etc. Each partner organisation in the project develops and tests two different new approaches for offering learning opportunities in various fields of basic education. Basic education typically includes reading, writing, everyday maths, but also linguistic and social skills.

Project website:

Partner organisations:

  • Ada-und-Theodor-Lessing-Volkshochschule Hannover (Germany)
  • Die Wiender Volkshochschulen (Austria)
  • Zdruzhenie Znanie, Lovech (Bulgaria)
  • Consorzio O.P.E.N. (Italy)
  • INFREP (France)
  • V√§steras folkh√∂gskola (Sweden)
  • Volkshochschule G√∂ttingen-Osterode (Germany)
  • CPEPA Ricardo Sola Almau, Carinena (Spain)

Project period: October 2017 to July 2020.