Digitalized Financial Education for Seniors

Recent studies show that while younger people use online banking as a matter of course, most older people still prefer to go to the bank. In times of decreasing branch density, however, the use of online banking becomes unavoidable, especially for seniors with less mobility.

Financial institutions have already published special brochures for senior citizens - but is this enough to make older people use it safely and, above all, feel secure in doing so?

In the DEFINE project, we want to develop learning materials and a digital learning environment to introduce senior citizens to online banking. In a first step, we looked at what already exists (good practice examples) and compiled what knowledge, skills and abilities are required for secure online banking. On this basis we will create the learning materials.

The project is managed by the Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria.


  • Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria.
  • Ada-und-Theodor-Lessing-Volkshochschule Hannover
  • Eseniors, France
  • Viteco, Italy
  • Association Progetto Marconi, Italy
  • University of Alicante, Spain
  • WIFI Styria, Austria

Projekt period

1.10.2019 - 30.09.2021

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Current information about the project: