Logo of Folkuniversitetet Lund

Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden. It is an association of five foundations: the university extensions attached to the Universities of Stockholm, Uppsala, Göteborg, Lund and Umeå.

We have a broad open educational program in a variety of subjects; we also run upper secondary schools, schools in higher vocational education, courses for seniors and training, labour market education and further education and training for working life.

Folkuniversitetet is independent of all political, religious and commercial interests.


International cooperation, pedagogic development, democracy and focus on the individual are central values for us.

We have given important contributions to development of Swedish education and training, for example evening gymnasiums, language centres, Swedish for immigrants, college and ICT-based education.

Visions and ideas for better learning methods are developed and tested in project groups, often in international cooperation. Coaching, mentorship, validation, entrepreneurship, learning in working life, empowerment and active guidance based on individual needs are examples of areas we are developing, and implementing to our own organisation.

Folkuniversitetet is engaged in adult education in Sweden. Our idea is that through knowledge and creativity give people opportunities for a richer life.

Knowledge changes! We believe that knowledge is a value in itself, for the individual and for society in general. Folkuniversitetet is an educational association that will be a natural meeting point for people's free search for knowledge - learning, cultural experiences and the opportunity for reflection.

Open to all! We believe that i many different pathways to lifelong learning are needed to benefit all people. The popular education idea – everyone's lifelong right to freely search for knowledge – permeate our education, our organization and our values.

Folkuniversitetet’s starting point is that each person has needs for knowledge and our wide range of courses are available to all. When we plan and execute our activities we always start from the needs of the individual.

Size and Scope of Activity

Folkuniversitetet consists of five legally independent trusts, regional offices, with local branches throughout Sweden. The national office is located in Stockholm. Every year, we welcome over 140,000 students to a variety of lectures, short courses or full-time study programs with a duration ranging from six months to two years.


Folkuniversitetet receives a certain degree of public financial support, but most activities are financed by course fees from private individuals, businesses and funding from the public sector. Our annual turnover is approximately EUR 120 million.


We employ around 400 teachers on a full-time basis and a further 6,000 part-time. An administrative staff of some 500 people takes care of administration and development


Folkuniversitetet first emerged as a national organisation in 1942, but its origins can be traced back to 1917 and the creation of an association for the development of a people’s university. By the 1930s, university students and teachers were organising evening courses and lectures for people lacking formal qualifications.

In 1947, Folkuniversitetet was established as a state supported organization within adult education, an open university in the true sense of the word.

During the 1950-1960s we rapidly developed as the main supplier in Sweden of foreign language courses and Swedish for immigrants.

In the 1970s and 1980s Folkuniversitetet became a leading actor in lifelong learning.


Skomakargatan 8
22002 Lund, Sweden




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