This is a (growing) collection of books, brochures and websites presenting the idea, history, and inner workings of the European Union as an assembly of nation states who that way try to homogenize their policies and legislation. Materials collected here are meant for the "normal" or "academic" reader; they are not meant for the reader in need of explicitly simple forms of expression. (For such works, please refer to the page Books etc. on the EU in easily accessible language.) This little bibliography is in now way exhaustive, and it is not meant to be. Rather it is a selection of works that the authors of this websites (i.e. the HYS project team members) personally recommend for the purpose.

In English

Daniel Kenealy, John Peterson, Richard Corbett: The European Union. How does it work? Fifth Edition, 2019. Oxford University Press.

This book of 310 pages deals in eleven chapters with the history of the European Union, its insitutions, its policies and how they are made, its forms of democracy, and its relations to the outside world, for example when new countries enter. As the fifth edition was issued in 2019, it includes also a chapter on the decision of the United Kingdom to quit membership (a process commonly called "Brexit").

In other languages

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