A time machine taking us back to the day before the UK’s Brexit referendum

Our partners in the UK created a virtual escape room that makes players think again through the arguments pro and contra the EU which had stirred up so many emotions a couple of years ago in their country. The game can be played as a self-learning activity, or it can be played in teams, either in a classroom, or with learners connected via video conference.

Build a wood tower and learn about the structure, functioning and values of the EU.

Young people and adults alike are often embarrassed when asked about the EU. But a large game of Jenga ­­– a tower of wood blocks to be built and re-arranged – is a game that everyone loves to play. The game we have developed is a combination of a wood block tower and a card-based quiz, where the EU is at the heart of the issues. We tested this game as a fun way of learning with young adults and seniors as well.

Developed by Nevelök Háza Egyesület, Pécs, Hungary

Experience the complicated path a bill has to take in order to become a law in the EU

The EU Law Game is is a role-playing game that gives players insight into the network of decision making institutions in the EU: European Parliament, Commission, Council of the European Union... It does so in a recreational way. Players experience the path a legal bill has to take in order to become a law in the EU. While taking on different roles they discuss new bills, define priorities, and try to bring the bills through all the institutions and steps of legislation so that the law can finally step into force.

Guessing game to get familiar with institutions and services in the EU

In this game no one loses, everyone wins. Players learn to appreciate membership of the European Union, its values, its culture, its advantages and its benefits.